Pertamina Integrated Financial Platform

Pertamina Integrated Financial Platform: Pertamina is currently facing a wide range of business processes and dynamic business dynamics. This requires Pertamina to have an integrat platform that can be us in financial reporting. Planning. Budgeting. Forecasting. And analysis management activities so that management can get reports accurately and quickly.

On this basis, the Pertamina Finance Directorate held a Kick Off Project “One Finance Integrated System (OFIS) Integrated Finance”, by signing the commitment pact “Project One Finance Integrated System (OFIS) Integrated Finance” by Pertamina Finance Director Emma Sri Martini, at Gedung Graha Pertamina.

Emma said that Project OFIS is very important in the midst of an uncertain situation ahead.

“We must continue to analyze in the future. So this OFIS must be implement immediately. With this OFIS. It is hop that everything will be more responsive,” he said. According to Emma, ​​management can see the data, then analyzed and mitigated for its strategy.

“This is what is important to become a strategic action mitigation program for the risks that may occur. Therefore. We are also requir to survive by analyzing and forecasting forward-looking. So that all steps forward can be seen now. Said Emma. OFIS is an integrated platform that is expect to provide convenience in preparing reports for all employees, especially the management team so that they can take the right business decisions and actions in a short time.

Rakhmad Noviyanto Nugroho. VP Management Analytics and Internal Charging Pertamina said. With OFIS several obstacles can be overcome, such as increasing data accuracy and shorter duration in making performance monitoring dashboards. Uniformity of data and format in one management report can be used by all sections.

“The hope is that the integrated reporting system can produce a fast, accurate response and improvement of the collaborative process, especially the management team, so that the results are certainly faster, minimize human error, and are integrated in nature,” concluded Rakhmad.