Maybe You Don’t Know These 7 Snapchat Features

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Snapchat recently hosted the Partner Summit keynote, an event where Snapchat’s new features were announced as well as platform updates, partnerships, and new integration efforts. If you want to have a lot of followers quickly and safely, I suggest you to buy snapchat followers.

Completely revamped, ranging from augmented reality (AR) experiences, various new tools for content creators, to features to maintain mental health, are presented on Snapchat. The following is a summary.

Lens Studio and SnapML

Lens Studio is a free application on the desktop designed for developers and artists to create and distribute AR Lens on Snapchat.

Snap updates Lens Studio with the latest powerful features to break the boundaries of AR creation. Anyone can now create their Lens.

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Additionally, Lens Studio now offers Face Landmarks and Face Expressions for better face recognition, new Hand Gesture templates, and an updated user interface to simplify navigation in the tool.

Lens Studio also released a foot tracking template powered by Wannaby’s ML model that allows developers to easily create Lens that interacts with feet.

Local Lenses

Snap shows off a Local Lens preview that allows the rendered AR to be used precisely for the area around you. So, Snapchatters and their friends can explore this virtual space and together decorate nearby buildings for example with colourful paints, turn surroundings into oceans or forests and experience a whole new AR dimension.


When Snapchatters press and hold on to their camera screen, the relevant lens will open based on what they see in front of them.

Well, today, Snap introduced a new Scan partner: PlantSnap. With this, Snapchatters can identify 90% of plants and trees.

In addition, the integration with Yuka later this year also created the Nutrition Scanner to provide an assessment of the quality of ingredients in various packaged foods by scanning the food labels.

One more thing, Snap introduces Voice Scan which offers Lens Snapchatters results based on voice commands. To make it easier for you to get subscribers and have lots of friends on Snapchat, you can buy snapchat subscribers.

Snap Minis

Snap Minis are a new way for developers to bring the HTML5 experience to Snapchat on Android and iOS. Minis are designed for deep conversational integration in Snapchat, so coordination between friends is faster than ever.

Camera Kit

Camera Kit invites developers to take advantage of Snapchat’s eight-year investment in cameras, bringing Snapchat’s AR capabilities and camera engagement to enrich the experience in their apps. Through Camera Kit, Lens created using Lens Studio can now be used in their app and on Snapchat.

Dynamic Lenses

An extension of Creative Kit, Dynamic Lenses allows developers to bring real-time information from their apps into Snapchat Lenses, making it easier for any company to build custom AR experiences for their communities.